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The following is a sampling of recent lighting projects completed by ADP Engineering:

Upgrade Project: 19th Street NE/Airport Trail (Calgary, Alberta)

On The City of Calgary’s upgrade project at 19th St/Airport Trail, ADP Engineering's principal, Adrian Duma, applied his extensive knowledge of illumination standards to prop
ose a modified design criteria using lower light levels that nonetheless met all safety requirements. Adrian’s solution prevented a full re-design and re-build of the lighting for a sizable segment of roadway, garnering significant cost savings for the client.

36th Street NE/Airport Trail (Calgary, Alberta) 

On the 36th Street NE/Airport Trail project, Adrian’s streetlighting design included a custom pole/luminaire combination that prevented conflict between the streetlighting installations and the radar system at the Calgary International Airport. This innovative solution allowed lighting of a 4-lane divided major roadway from one side only.

Adrian’s design was also implemented for other roadway lighting projects in the area, including the Jacksonport subdivision and The City of Calgary’s extension of Airport Trail between 36th Street NE and Metis Trail.

Watermark at Bearspaw (Rocky View County, AB)

ADP created a detailed design and specifications for specialty lighting in Watermark at Bearspaw, a high end residential subdivision on the outskirts of Calgary.
The developer required pedestrian scale ornamental lighting that would preserve the rural setting and allow residents to enjoy a dark sky at night. ADP’s design included fabricated rock bollards that housed LED lights. The installed lighting system is visually appealing, both at night and during the day. It marks intersections, pathway crossings and provides guidance along sidewalks, all without illuminating the street right of way to typical light levels.

7 Avenue Corridor Refurbishment Project (Calgary, AB)

For this refurbishment project, ADP provided the client with:
• A detailed design and specifications for roadway and pedestrian lighting;
• Lighting analysis for LRT stations; and,
• Photometric measurements of lighting installations.
ADP was involved in Phase II and Phase IV of the project, covering eight city blocks.

Adrian worked closely with the architects and engineers to design a dual lighting system, one for pedestrians and one for roadway. The pedestrian scale lighting consisted of lower wattage luminaires, spaced about 15m apart and mounted 4.5m above street level on either LRT poles or standalone poles.

ADP evaluated the photometric performance of various ornamental fixtures proposed by the architects, such as LED strip lights mounted under bench seating or handrails, internally illuminated light columns, light bollards and wall washers. Adrian quantified the light levels on the station platforms and ramps to determine whether the design criteria for station lighting (designed by others) were met. He also provided input into the selection of the station emergency lighting fixtures and performed lighting calculations to ensure compliance with code requirements.

West LRT – 11 St SE to 69 St SW (Calgary, AB)

ADP was part of the design team that undertook the preliminary design and the preparation of the design-build technical specifications for the West LRT line.

Adrian performed the lighting analysis and carried out the preliminary lighting design for all roadways, both Park&Rides, one transit hub, and the new interchange at Sarcee Trail and 17 Avenue SW. He also provided support to engineers and architects on lighting matters regarding other project elements, such as plazas and walkways.
As part of the Owner’s Engineer team for the implementation stage of the project, Adrian was responsible for the review and approval of lighting designs prepared by the design-build contractor, for both the temporary and permanent installations. He also liaised with The City on traffic signal design and construction matters. Adrian performed field inspections of streetlighting construction to ensure conformity with design and applicable codes and standards.
Adrian reviewed public inquiries and complaints received by The City on streetlighting matters, such as light trespass or insufficient lighting. He performed assessments of the issues and provided recommendations to address or mitigate the concerns.

Canexus Rail Yard Lighting (Bruderheim, AB)

For this project, ADP provided detailed design and specifications for lighting of track switching gear and access road for two rail yards.