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ADP Engineering provides consulting services in all aspects of roadway and area lighting, from site assessment and design to inspection and maintenance programs. 

ADP has extensive knowledge of standards to ensure safe yet energy-efficient lighting solutions.


ADP’s roadway and area lighting designs incorporate energy-efficiency, aesthetics and cost-efficiency, while maintaining safe lighting levels. 

Functional planning study and preliminary design – We assess various options for providing required illumination and recommend the best option based on a number of factors, including:

  •  Site specifics (e.g. land use, utilities);
  •  Governing bylaws and regulations; and,
  •  Life cycle costs including capital cost, operating and electricity costs and maintenance.

Detailed design – Advance the recommended lighting option to detailed design including:

  • Photometric analysis
  • Conduit, wiring and photo controllers design
  • Detailed CAD drawings
  • Material and tender specifications
  • Engineering estimates
  • Construction drawings


With our lighting design and rendering software, AutoCAD Civil 3D, AGI32 and 3DS Max Design, we give our clients a detailed rendering of proposed lighting installations.

Our 3D modeling and visualization techniques enable us to create a complete and realistic representation of any project.


ADP Engineering can arrange for construction of our designs by a qualified contractor. We also provide project management services, coordinating both the design and construction processes with other stakeholders, including consulting firms, local authorities and the public. Our company can obtain all necessary approvals for completion of a project.


Our consulting services include:

Photometric measurements – ADP Engineering takes measurements of the light output of lighting installations to verify compliance with the design and/or current standards.

Lighting warrants – ADP performs lighting warrants in accordance with Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) guidelines to determine the illumination requirements of roadways and intersections.

Minimizing light trespass – We make recommendations to minimize light trespass onto private properties and other light sensitive areas. We also help our clients choose lighting solutions that minimize light pollution. Our assessment of light trespass is based on a variety of factors, including restrictions pursuant to local ordinances and LEED certification requirements.

Site assessment – During a subject site review, ADP assesses illumination requirements and, if the site already has lighting, determines whether existing lighting provides the required illumination. Assessments are based on a number of factors, including:

  • Land/site use;
  • Condition of existing lighting installations (if applicable);
  • Crime attributable to lack of lighting;
  • Other social factors; and,
  • User feedback.

Streetlighting maintenance – We help owners of lighting systems prepare and implement maintenance programs that ensure systems remain in good working order, while minimizing operating and maintenance costs.   

Data collection and condition survey of streetlighting installations – We gather data on streetlighting installations for the purpose of recording inventory (e.g. pole types, luminaire wattage) and assessing physical condition (e.g. rust, damage). The data can be turned over to the client in raw form, or we can analyze it and make recommendations regarding capital upgrade requirements.